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I'm a Singer-songwriter from Kerala brought up in Dubai. After graduating with a Songwriting degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, I moved to La La Land to continue my musical journey. Some might call me Mr. Worldwide. Most do not. I've been making music I would listen to myself but then I stopped listening to music for 2 years. Go figure. But as I write this (Jan '24), I'm finally back with new music! They include the musical stylings of Coldplay, Harry Styles, and any other British artist you can think of.

I just want to make some good music and inspire you listeners along the way. Dream big! 


All my dreaming allowed me to perform live on UAE’s #1 radio station - Virgin Radio. I even performed live on City 1016FM and opened for renowned singer Adnan Sami at the World Trade Center in Dubai. And then somewhere along the way, my worlds collided (cricket + music). A tribute song I wrote for Virat Kohli (GOAT) got featured on the most popular cricket news publication website ESPNCricinfo. I could have ended my career right there and I'd be happy. But I'd also be living on the streets. Go stream my new music from my upcoming EP "Hello Sunshine" coming to you this Spring '24!

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